Peak Scanner Software

Peak Scanner Software 2.0

Analyzes DNA fragments using sizing methods

Performs DNA analysis using a workflow panel that guides the user through analysis and providing assistance. A number of settings can be adjusted or changed, for example, the user can change the sample and sizing table, edit locking and selective analysis, etc.

Use this free software to perform DNA fragment analysis; separate a mixture of DNA fragments according to their sizes, provide a profile of the separation, and precisely calculate the sizes of the fragments. The software allows you to view, edit, analyze, print, and export fragment analysis data generated using the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers.

Main Features:
- Use a workflow panel to guide you through analysis
- Quickly analyze samples with the default sizing methods
- View or print thumbnail and checkerboard view
- View raw and analyzed data simultaneously
- Analyze large fragments (e.g. 1200 bp)
- Get better results with linear and non-linear sizing algorithms

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